Since I’ve been trying to loose weight, one of my goals is to loose the BP med. So I’ve been keeping a detailed log of my blood pressure lately. My last couple readings have been pretty low. At Kroger this afternoon, I used their machine. I was surprised it read 133/88. My cuff has been pretty consistent & nothing that high at all. (Half hour before, my cuff read 116/60!) So I did the whole test they offer, weighing myself. Evidently, according to Kroger’s scale, I weigh 35 pounds less than I weigh on my work scale! Yea. While I like the idea that I can loose 35 pounds by driving 4 miles, it’s clear their equipment is not accurate. Obviously I know the machine is there for a “ball park” but that big of a difference in bp and weight?!?
I’m just putting this out there for those that are dependent on those machines for your blood pressure!

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