Mommy Deadliest- Book Review

   HAD to add a pic of Antifreeze to this book review, I just had to!!
Mommy Deadliest is a true crime story about a woman who murdered both of her husbands by allowing them to, unknowingly, drink Antifreeze.  Antifreeze kills many pets every year as it is easily spilled on garage floors and pets lick it up.  It’s takes as little as 1 tablespoon of Antifreeze to cause kidney failure in dogs.
Evidently it can be mixed in drinks to kill humans.  Who knew??  Apparently the psycho this book was written about!   Not only did she ‘off’ two husbands  but then attempted to pin their murders on her oldest daughter, then tried to kill that said, oldest daughter while making it look like a suicide attempt.  C-R-A-Z-Y.
I love reading true- crime. I always have.  It’s amazing to read about the lengths humans will go. I’m fascinated with the human mind.  This book takes you THERE.
But I have to say, this book will take you there…..maybe a little too much.  There is a LOT of detail.  And not the gruesome kind.  This book is riddled with every single player and their back ground.  Every investigator (and their background); every attorney (and their life story); and so on.  It was kind of hard, at times, to really want to stay interested.  I don’t pick up a true-crime book to know where the lead detective went to college.
Something else that would  have helped the story a bit would have been pictures. Pictures of Stacy (the black widow)  her husbands while alive, her children, etc.
I just can’t recommend this book as a “must read” because it’s muddy with unneeded detail.  However if you’re looking for tips on how to take your “loved ones” out in a cruel, sadistic way, you may get tips from this book.




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