Tom and Chee- Cincy Food

    Now I know Tom + Chee have become a chain and is now located in other states but it started right here in good ol’ Cincy; started by two good ol’ Cincy guys.  Original location still open so I’m calling it Cincy food.

If you have not tried Tom + Chee- you MUST!!!!   I have been dieing to give them a shot and so glad I finally did. Not sure what I was waiting for but now I know what I’ve been missing out on.
Who knew you could re-invent grilled cheese?!?!?  Obviously the founders of this place!!
They offer 2 different types of tomato soups, chicken tortilla soup and a soup of the day.  Pretty simple.
And the grilled cheese menu………O. M.  G.     SOOOOOO many combinations.  Balsamic on grilled cheese??  It works!!

The prices are fitting for the amount of food you get, it’s great food and the customer service is outstanding.



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