Progresso Soup- Product Review

  Can’t remember the last time I did a product review so here we go.     Today is Ash Wednesday; the start of Lent.  And Lent, for me, means soup and grilled cheese.

As I get older I’m getting a little pickier about my soup. No longer can I stand the store brand tomato soup.  For tonight’s dinner I just went middle of the road with these two flavors from Progresso.  I bought the larger cans as you can see and planned to make both cans and I was a little worried because there were just three of us eating.
Nothing to worry about there, folks because I swear the Garden Vegetable was half empty!  There was NOTHING to it.  As far the taste of the Garden Vegetable, there was none. Not a bit.  I think they printed “Reduced sodium” on the wrong can.  The beans were tough and dry.   Won’t be a future customer.

I only tried a couple spoonfuls of the creamy tomato….meh.   That is all.
We have had Progresso soup several times in the past and it was never this bad.
I think I’ll take my soup snobbery and stick to restaraunts and restaraunts that do it well.


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