Pizza Wontons

Let me start out by saying this recipe uses the deep fryer.  So if you’re a Healthy Helen, move on. This recipe ain’t for you.

You can buy won ton wrappers at your local grocery for around $2.99 a pack. And you get a LOT of won ton wrappers.  Usually, you’ll find these over in the refrigerated organic isle.
Won ton wrappers can be used so many ways!   Tonight let’s talk about pizza won tons!

You’ll need:

  • a pack of won ton wraps
  • a jar of pizza sauce
  • pepperoni
  • mozzerella cheese sticks ( you could possibly use shredded; I’ve never tried)

Get your deep fryer ready; per it’s instruction manual.

Take your won ton wrap and add just a very small dollup of pizza sauce in the center.  Too much and it will seep out the sides.
Now add a piece of pep and then you’re gonna want to add a small slice of your cheese stick.  It can’t be too much!

Now you’ll need to take a damp paper towel and run it along the edge of your won ton wraps. This gets the wrap to seal.
Lay your won ton in a diamond shape and now connect the bottom corner to the top.  You should now have a bulky triangle.
You can now slightly dampen the top of the two side points and fold them in. This should give you a nice seal.

Carefully drop in your fryer until golden and crispy.   Remove and drain.

These are best served hot.      


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