Pizza night!

  The differences in my marriage are never more apparent than when it comes to pizza toppings.
If it were up to the hubby, ordering pizza would mean only from Larosa’s and all the meat we could fit on a pie.
If it were up to me, most of my toppings would come straight from the garden.  So we settle our pizza topping delima with DIY pizza night.
I’m still in the process of picking out our favorite crust.  (Give me your suggestions!) So far we we’ve done the mixes where we add the water and oil………
We’ve done super cheap already made crusts and we’ve quickly learned that when it comes to the crust, you get what you pay for.
Tonight’s selection was a middle of the road 3 pack of crusts.  Not bad at all.

So since it’s your own, make it your own.   Get creative and in my case, get fresh!

As I said, for the hubby, the more meat the merrier.    For me it’s all about FRESH!

Here are a few of my favorite picks and if I can’t pull from the garden, I get them straight from the produce dept.  Nothing frozen or sealed.
How about trying:

  • Spinach leaves
  • garlic
  • tomato
  • mushrooms (sliced kind of thick!)
  • basil.



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