Quotes to last a life time

One thing my youngest daughter and I share is a love for quotes.
Quotes by famous people; motivational quotes, faith quotes; you name it.
Just a couple weeks after she started high school, I started putting a ‘quote a day’ in her lunch.  She loved it!  She instantly started commenting on her favorites, keeping the daily slips of paper, etc.   It’s really meant something to her.   And to me.


 So I knew, early on, that I had to find a way to preserve this memory.  I instantly started keeping track of the quotes on my desk top.  I spent so much time worrying about my computer crashing, lost files, etc.
I found an online article on quote journaling and I KNEW that was the answer.  I started searching the web for the perfect keepsake journal that would do the job.  I didn’t want to make money a huge factor as I knew this is something I would be writing in almost daily for 4 years.

It’s never to late to get started!!  Here are some tips:

  1. Keep a file of your favorite quotes.  Don’t rely on your memory.
  2. Set up a Pintrest board with your quotes.  It’s a wonderful reference.
  3. Start your journal with an explanation…..something about when you started, why you started, etc.
  4. Make notes!  If you chose a specific quote for a specific reason- make a note in the book.   (sports tryouts, a bad grade, an arguement with a good friend, etc)  Make it memorable.
  5. Date everything!
  6. Be neat.  Don’t be perfect.  You’re going to make mistakes, you’re human.  Do your best to journal quotes with correct spelling, grammar, etc.  Don’t worry yourself about using the same pen, the same colored ink. etc.   It’s your hand writing and it’s done with love.  And “with love” is the ONLY thing that is important here!
    Making a commitment to quote journal is a huge commitment. Maybe you’re doing it your child’s senior year.  Maybe you’re going for the gold and doing all 4 years.  Whatever the case, don’t give up.  You’re going to forget days.  You’re going to be too tired, too angry, too sick, too busy….whatever.  It’s ok.   Missing a day or two……..really, it IS ok.  When you blink and your teen is now 25, he/she will not be bitter about the days they opened their lunch and there were no words of wisdom.
  8. Don’t let yourself get behind.  If you’re adding quotes to your kiddo’s lunch bag, make sure you are journaling those quotes ASAP.  Don’t rely on that overwhelmed teen to remember.
  9. As far as where you are recording.  It’s up to you. If you can do a spiral notebook, do a spiral notebook.  If you want a personalized engraved leather bound book, go for it.   Remember, your goal is to make this a graduation gift for your high schooler.  It’s all about what you CAN do and/or WANT to do.
  10. Don’t under estimate the power of the project.  There will be SOOOO MANY days when your teen makes it SO not worth it.  Deep breath, parent, deep breath.   Hashtag; bigger picture.   When you feel like quiting, don’t.   Take a day off.  But then keep going.  It will make a difference to your teen and to you.

  Reach out to me with ideas or questions.

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