I’m too strong to break

I rarely, if EVER post anything negative on wineymom.  I have no reason to.

But there’s one particular woman who THINKS she’s a part of my life; a woman that’s never been invited into my life but can’t seem to breathe without my attention.  She’s not related to me. She’s not a co-worker. Not a friend of a friend.   Just a very sick, sad, delusional individual with the lowest self esteem I’ve ever seen.
Lady, you can’t seem to understand that you have not been booed off stage, you were never invited to perform to begin with.   No one is watching your show.
You will, sadly, do anything to be heard. You’ve proven that.
Create social media accounts pretending to be a teenage girl……
Create scenarios in your mind that have NEVER taken place………
Just a couple of examples that barely highlight your lonely, delusional life.

You have raised a “mini me.”  What is horrific about that is that you probably think that is ok.  Since you’re such a believer in karma, perhaps you should be teaching your sponge things like:

Perhaps really researching “karma” would be a great thing for you. Maybe understanding the beliefs behind karma and what it really stands for in it’s religion would benefit you.  I doubt it.  But it’s a suggestion.


If that doesn’t help maybe this will:

“Silence speaks volumes above rumors.”
“What Suzie says about Sally says more about Suzie than it does about Sally.”
“Rumors stop at a wise man’s ears.”     (perhaps your daughter is hoping to only appeal to stupid asses)

Let me make you just two more promises:
1. The only contact you will get from me from here on out is legally
2.  The most tragic thing you can contribute to society is a woman with no self esteem raising a daughter.


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