Spinach tortilla wraps

spinachI’m always on a journey to find very simple ways to add a little extra “healthy”  to my life.   And when I say simple, I MEAN simple!

We eat a lot of wraps/burritos/quesadilias in our house….so we use tortilla wraps.   I recently considered converting to the spinach wraps…..thinking it would be a healthier alternative.      Au contraire monfraire!     
EVERY article I read said the same thing……….spinach wraps have a very scant amount of spinach.  The coloring comes from food coloring.      Dear food industry:  Your Jedi mind trick doesn’t work on this girl!  

So I went to Kroger and I did some hands on learning.   Believe it or not, the internet is right!    And not only that but as for as fats, carbs, calories; your best bet is the plain old flour, Kroger brand tortillas.

download          WHO KNEW?????


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