How does your child learn??

schedulePersonally, I’m a very “hands on”  learner. If I have to read a lesson or sit through a lecture, my eyes quickly glaze over.   As far as a speaker, it really depends on the talent of the speaker.
If you’re a dynamic speaker, I’m intrigued.

Beyond that, I just wanna get in there and ‘touch and feel.’   That’s the nurse in me!!  We’ve learned that our daughter is a very visual, very hands on learner as well.  So we’re committed to making her high school transition be as smooth and successful as it can be.   So far so good……she’s jumped right in there, made some amazing friends, playing sports, etc.   But to my kiddo, grades are VERY important.
So when she came to me and said, “Mom, I don’t want to quit the team but I’m really over whelmed.  I can’t do it all and if my grades slip, I HAVE to quit.”
That’s when I knew a visual aid is what she needed.

My thought was that if she could see her day, it would make much more sense to her.
Hope this helps others……

1. Experiment with printable daily calendars.  Very easy to find.  I printed out several different versions until I found what worked best, visually, for Zoe.

2. I found a color coding system that worked for us…….For instance…….school hours are in yellow.     Sports activities…, practice, etc…….all in blue.
3.  Then fill in the rest of the day in a way your kiddo can latch on to.

Having her days laid out visually and seeing what her time looks like, really makes a difference.

I encourage you to find out what kind of learner your child is and discover ways to relate to that.



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