Fisheye: A memoir—– Book review

51awxcyhfl-_sy346_    I finished this book about a week ago; quick read.  Bizarre title. Don’t let the title fool ya.   Fisheye is a nick name the author’s father gave her.  I don’t recall that it ever explains why-
This book is the author’s memory of being raised by what sounds like, a dad with bi-polar depression.  Although, I can’t be sure.  I waited the whole book for the author to go into more detail about her dad (her dad is really the bottom line of the book) but she never really does.  She never states whether he had a diagnosis, whether he dealt with it, etc.   She really just talks about how he treated his children.
Like I said, I would have liked way more detail about what was really going on with daddy.
The ending?   HATED it.  HATED it.  Did I mention I HATED it?  So anti-climatic. So blah. So predictable.  So sudden that it just made no sense.  The ending left me hanging.    But not in a good way.  You know when you read an awesome book and you get to the end and you’re hanging?  Waiting to find out what’s next…… You can’t wait to start in to book number 2.
Not the case here.  The book just………ended.
It wasn’t a bad book at all, not by any stretch.  But there was nothing about it that made me want to seek out this author for more.



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