Show your team spirit and save money

Let’s face it, if you have a kiddo playing high school sports, it’s expensive!  My teenager plays water polo.  She LOVES it, she’s having fun, she’s making amazing bonds with her team mates, she’s getting a full work out all the time.  I could go on and on about my thoughts on team sports and activities.   But you came here to read about crafting and saving money!
So lets get back to that expensive part.  We are half way through the season and out of curiosity, I totaled up our expenses so far……we’re talking way over $500.   Team sports are crazy expensive.   And I didn’t even add in our spirit wear, to show our support!
So here’s a craft that will work for any sport using a round ball.   You can make this for $10 bucks and show everyone passing by what a proud sport mom you are!

I purchased a plain, round, wooden disk at Michael’s for about $6.   (ALWAYS have a Michael’s coupon!!!)
Small bottles of paint (more than enough for this project) are .59 each.

As far as painting the lines for your sport?  You’re on your own! Not my ‘thang.  Instructions are found every where on the net and on Pintrest.   I left mine up to hubby.   He even added her number.
You MUST use Polyurethane to protect the wood from the rain.  MUST.   

He attached this to a yard stake and there ya go!
I know of a family who did not attach theirs to a yard stake, they nailed it on to their front wooden fence.   Super cute, easy, fun and supportive!

This works for
Water polo
Just not football, lol!



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