Beef pot pie

beef-pot-pieI have been making chicken and turkey pot pies for years.  Simple, inexpensive and filling.   Last night I attempted my first beef pot pie and I loved it.      The difference?   Chicken and turkey pot pies have more of a cream soup base so I was unsure about going for the beef.
Here’s what you’ll need:
Favorite pie crust– I used Kroger’s frozen pie crusts so I have a top and a bottom.  They work great.
Variety of veggies.   —So with the veggies, you will need to cook them first if you are going strictly out of the veggy department.(Which is also your healthiest option!)
Or your crust will burn way before your veggies are tender.   You CAN go all canned veggies, if you choose.  You can even use a can or two of Veg All.  But for me, I went in between and I used frozen veggies for this recipe.  Not can preserved but also no need to be prepared before hand.
So I threw in (all frozen)
carrots coins
Steamed fresh potatoes in sauce
Mushrooms (fresh)

I purchased a pack of beef strips from the meat department, normally used to make stir fry.   I browned my meat with a little onion and minced garlic.   (I had a hard time stopping myself from sampling!)
Once the meat was browned, I chopped into small pieces and added that to my veggy mix.
Next- throw in a jar of beef gravy.(You can go low sodium)     Mix well.
Pour in to your pie crust.  Add the top and bake at 400 until golden brown.



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