Yes please!!!

I work 4.5 miles from my home so I have a short drive every morning. Just about every day, I pass a Norwood police car driving the opposite direction..I’ve always been curious as to why. Figured he got to take his cop car home every night, for some reason. This morning I stopped at UDF for gas. I noticed the Norwood police car parked out front and when I went in to pay, there was the officer. I ran out and pumped my gas and as I was pumping, I noticed a very elderly man standing in the drive way/parking lot of the Milford police dept. He was just staring across the street at the Norwood cop car. He was very elderly and appeared to be a bit confused. My thought was that he shouldn’t be out on his own……..something didn’t seem right. I finished pumping and before I got back in my Jeep, I looked back across the street, worried the man would try to cross. There was the Norwood police officer, approaching him. He shook his hand and talked to him. I then watched the officer make a gesture toward the building as if he was going to assist the man in getting some local help. The police officer was in a district 25 miles from where he serves. But he saw someone in need. He didn’t just get in his cruiser and say, “can’t be late to work.” He stopped to help.
I happen to have my heart strings tied to Norwood so it was a proud moment for me.
Even though he was no where near work, had no idea someone was watching, this officer did the right thing. That is truly the definition of integrity.

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