How to Knock a Brave Bird From Her Perch- Book Review

book   Wow……..second good book in a row.  If you follow my book reviews you know it’s been a while since I’ve found something great and yet this is my second great book review in a row.   Yeeeessssss
This book…….this author………yes.   I was transported from my bed, on a work day, falling asleep while reading; to a Chicago neighborhood; up and coming boxer.  Young; picked from the crops; wife. Baby after baby.
The book was so vivid I felt her pain and understood her plight in life.  The twists and turns were amazing.
There were times when I was begging for more detail.  Like when she came home from the hospital the first time.  How’d she get those lights back on??  I wanted the main character, Pecan,  to show us more. How did she get home?  I guess I wanted to see more  resileience
While I think the author could have been more graphic, I think the author was “real”  and I want to read more from her!
I think she could even develop more books using the older children in this book as the main character.



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