Identity Theif – JP Bloch Book Review

51pQ6PGronL._SY346_   FINALLY!!! A book I could sink my teeth in to!! I can’t remember the last time I couldn’t put my Kindle down.  In fact, I’ve never been able to read in the car.  But recently while traveling as a car passenger from Cleveland to Cincinnati (5 hours) I read this book.
The characters are SO vivid.  The twists and turns are c-r-a-z-y.   Especially toward the end……I kept screaming……
Is Sabrina really Sequoia?!  Why do we keep focusing on Biff?  What’s up with Scotty??
Is he going to get caught??
The author was genius in giving us a sort of “Das Boat” scenario; Dr. Falcon has his identity stolen but his vivid “asshole” type character comes across loud and clean.  Who to root for??
Thanks to JP Bloch for bringing about the art of writing.



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