Grilled Gourmet Blog 2 of 2

I hope you were able to read the last post (under the yummies catogory)
There, we talked about all the ingredients to experiment with grilled gourmets.
For this blog, we’re going to talk about mixing those ingredients and coming up with some amazing combinations.

Let’s start with some simple combinations:

Grilled turkey and swiss
Turkey (I suggest a nice cut from the deli if possible)
Swiss cheese
Thin tomato slice
Spicy mustard
     A.  Olives
B.  Cranberry Sauce
C. A nice thick white, Italian or light rye bread


Tuna and grilled cheese
First prepare your tuna salad to your liking (everyone that likes tuna salad has their own recipe)
Jalapeno cheese bread
American cheese
Spread your tuna salad and your american cheese onto your jalapeno cheese bread the way you would prepare your traditional grilled cheese.
Lots of creaminess, lots of heat, lots of flavor.
One of my all time favs.
A. Tomato


Let’s move on to something a little fancier, shall we?


For the next couple of sammys, let’s use the Italian loaf to slice.  With that, we’re making much smaller grilled sandwiches.  It gives our grub a fancy appearance and well….I got nuthin else.  

For the smaller, Italian loaf that needs sliced, I suggest the following meats:
Chicken sliced very thin- breaded, grilled or baked.
Bacon (thin)

Experiment with cheeses such as Gouda, Blue Cheese (highly recomend!)  Havarti, Brie, and cream cheeses (the onion and chive works miracles!)

Get crazy and add extras such as fresh spinach leaves, avacado, onion, spicy mustard, tomato, black pepper or………..  and remember this is something you are grilling (as you would a grilled cheese)   I highly recommend adding very thinly sliced pear or strawberry!!!


I could go on and on with the combos.  I’ll leave you with one of favorites:

Cinnamon or Cinnamon/raisin bread
Pancetta, Capricolla, or Iberico
Havarti Cheese
(blue cheese crumbles optional)
Onion and chives cream cheese spread on one of the bread slices
Either thinly sliced apple, pear or strawberry

Grill as you would a grilled cheese sammy spatual


I’ve never been so excited to get feedback and hear about your sammy combos!!
Let me know how YOU take grilled cheese to the next level!



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