Onyums- Product Review

Love doing the product reviews. But due to family health issues I haven’t done much of anything on the site since January.  Hoping that is changing!
So today let’s review Grippos OnYums Onion Flavored Rings.  And since this product is made by Grippo, we get a twofer.  It’s a Cincinnati food (not hardly!) and a product review.  My teenage daughter is addicted to Funyuns.  Have you bought Funyuns lately?!?!  You can spend very close to $4.00 a bag!!  I mean, I can’t blame her. But $3.59 a bag?!  For a big bag of delicious junk??   Me thinks not.
So today as I walked out the back door on my way to spend yet even more money at Kroger I heard a certain freckled face eye roller yell, “get some Funyuns!”
I was hitting the chip isle anyway and I like making the kiddo smile but when I saw that price, I just couldn’t make myself do it.  Right under the Funyuns were OnYums.  Grippos knock off version? For just $1.19 a bag I had to try and pass them off.
For the teen it was a no go. Not even close. And I agree, these taste NOTHING like Funyuns. So if you’re looking for a similiar product at a cheaper cost, this is not your go-to bag.  But I have to admit, they are addicting.  Not bad at all.  While they are not Funyuns they do hold their own.  I’ve found myself making a few trips to the kitchen to dip my fat fingers into the bag:)


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