Lawn Memory Game

If you read my last blog on entertaining, you know I love having friends and family over in the back yard to hang out!
I’m always looking for ways to entertain.  My last blog showed instructions on creating a lawn Yahtzee set.
How about a giant Memory game for the yard??


  • Here I used 6×6 ceramic tiles.  Use the size you want.   10×10 would be cool too.  I purchased 16 of the 6×6 tiles at Lowe’s for .48 cents each.   You’ll need to purchase an even amount.  You can make your memory game as small or as large as you choose.
    The fun thing about creating a diy memory game is that you can gear it toward any audience!
    Are you making this for young children?   Make the pictures more geared toward their age.   Is this a game that mostly adults will play?   Do some beer or wine pics.  The skys’ the limit!!
  • close up memory tiles 1   With my lawn memory game I did not go with a theme.  Some of the times I covered with family pics.  Some I used my hubby’s wine labels and with some, I let my daughter’s do the art work.


  1. As I said, I purchased 6×6 tiles at Lowe’s.  Don’t spend a lot.  This is an out door game and things will break from time to time.  Pick whatever size or shape tile you like.
  2. Pick a theme……..or don’t.   Just keep in mind that whatever you choose to do- family pics, drawings, stickers, etc.  You MUST have two tiles exactly the same.

So once you have your tiles and have decided how you want to decorate……decopauge your items to the tile.   Let this dry completely.   Then spray with a clear sealant.   Again, Let it dry!!


Lay your tiles, face down in the yard and take turns!

close up memory tiles Molly tiles

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