Coco Pinchard- The Consequences of Love and Sex- Book Review!

coco    This is my third Coco Pinchard book and hoping it won’t be my last.   I know there is at least one more out there.  Hoping the author has lots more Coco to come!!
This book provided much entertainment.  Found myself doing the LOL many times.   Oh my gosh, Ethel………are you kidding me???  So funny!!
This book was by far, the funniest of the three I have read.   I think the author really gave more life to each of the characters this time around.
One thing I like about reading the Coco series is that they take place in England so the slang and the terms are hysterical yet cryptic. (cryptic to me, the American, that is)
I love the down to earth craziness in this book.  Look for something fun to read?  This is an A++
When I learned this series was written by a man I was quite surprised and then when I saw the author’s picture…..WOWZA!!  He looks more like a centerfold modal or sexy actor….not at all what I pictured would be the author of this time of book.  Robert Bryndza-check him out, you won’t be disappointed.  I’ll be following his work.


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