Cincinnati Fish Fry Tour- St. Cecelia Stop #3


Cincinnati has a large Catholic population and I’m part of that group.   With the Catholic faith comes the Lent season and with Lent………..comes fish frys!
As for our family, we usually hit up the closest neighborhood fish fry once or twice during Lent.  Why that particular one?  Well, It’s close.  The price is good.  The food is good.   What else do you need?
But this year I decided to take us on a fish fry tour.  Try something a little different.  After each Friday stop on our tour, I’ll let ya know our thoughts.   Have a favorite fish fry in the Cincinnati area?  Let us know!

Looking for local fish frys?   this time of year they are every where.  Most tv and radio stations have a list on their websites that you can reference.

So tonight was stop #3 on our Cincinnati Fish Fry Tour- St. Cecilia in Oakley  sc I lived very close to this church growing up and since my daughter recently chose Cecelia as her confirmation name, this seemed like the place to go.
The streets running parallel to St. Cecilia are very narrow with parking on both sides.  Keep this in mind if like us, you own a large vehicle.  But there is a large parking lots with lots of spots.
The event is held in a small school cafeteria that is accessed by an outside flight of stairs.  Lots of the elderly love a traditional fish fry so keep that obstacle in mind when making your fish fry location choice.
Once you enter the cafeteria you will have to cut through the line of people waiting for their food.  The reason you will have to cut through is because you will need to go to the opposite end of the room to pay.
Right, so you’ve filled out your order form and paid.   Wanna beer?  Well you’ve come to the right place because this fish fry offers brews!  That’s a seperate booth to pay. Might as well order two because after paying for your beer now it’s time to go stand in line to get the food you paid for.
St. Cecelia’s fish fry offers a few items that many frys do not. Like fish tacos. And cheese sticks and cheese fries. I ordered the fish taco. I won’t comment on the quality because I’ve never had a fish taco before so I have nothing to compare it to.  (it was dry) tacoI also ordered the cheese fries.   Not bad at all.  But after squirting the melted cheese sauce on the fries, they then sprinkled shredded cheese on top- which did not melt by the way.
After dinner you may want to satisfy your sweet tooth and grab a dessert.  This fish fry offers dessert- but you guessed it, that’s yet another cash box you need to stand in line for.

Polling the others in my party, no one seemed super satisfied with their meal at all.  It wasn’t horrible. It just wasn’t a must come back to spot.

Next week: Holy Trinity- Norwood





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