Sausage and peppers

So this recipe is not something I would normally like……or should I say, I wouldn’t normally try.
Sampled and fell in love.  Wasn’t sure how my family would like it but just couldn’t get this recipe out of my mind so I had to make it.  This is super simple, inexpensive and has so much flavor!!  

You will need:
Your favorite smoked sausage/keilbasa – around $2.49
Bag of frozen peppers mixed with onions- about $1.00
Jar of your favorite red sauce-$1.00 and up
Italian baguette- $1.99

Start out by slicing your sausage in small to medium slices
Saute the sausage on low- do not burn!   I added a dab of my favorite EVOO to saute in.
Sprinkle on some Italian seasoning, salt and pepper.
Once the meat starts to perk up a bit, throw in your bag of onion and pepper mix.
peppers no sauceSaute your mixture until the peppers are blending in well.   Feel free to throw in another dash of Italian seasoning or black pepper!
At this point, you want to pour your sauce over your mixture.  This is where the magic happens!

Once every thing is blended well and your sauce starts to bubble,, it’s time to eat!

pepper sauce    So cut your Italian hard bread into small crustinis for your mixture.  The sauce and peppers will really soak into the bread.  It’s awesome!

More than a dinner, I see this as something to serve at a nice dinner party as a heavy app.  Let me know what you think.

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