Cincinnati Fish Fry Tour- Newtown Fire Department-Stop #2


Cincinnati has a large Catholic population and I’m part of that group.   With the Catholic faith comes the Lent season and with Lent………..comes fish frys!
As for our family, we usually hit up the closest neighborhood fish fry once or twice during Lent.  Why that particular one?  Well, It’s close.  The price is good.  The food is good.   What else do you need?
But this year I decided to take us on a fish fry tour.  Try something a little different.  After each Friday stop on our tour, I’ll let ya know our thoughts.   Have a favorite fish fry in the Cincinnati area?  Let us know!

Looking for local fish frys?   this time of year they are every where.  Most tv and radio stations have a list on their websites that you can reference.

So here we are at stop #2 on our fish fry tour.  We hit up the Newtown, Ohio fire department this week.
So there are several signs/banners around Newtown advertising the fish fry.  Note to self: the Newtown fire department is no longer on Church Street behind UDF.  Whole new location.   And not an easy location to find, I might add.   The new fire department is back behind businesses soooo………
This fish fry was a bit more expensive. A fish sandwich was $6.00. For $8.00 you got the platter-that’s 2 side items.  Pretty average. But at this fry, that does not include your drink or your dessert.   Want a Coke to wash down that filet?   Another buck.  Wanna sooth your sweet tooth craving?  That’ll be an extra $2 bucks please.  So what you would receive at many fish frys for $8.00 would cost you $11.00 at this one.

This fry offers a bit more than some. Including chicken (not a Catholic church)   baked talapia, salmon, and clam chowder from the local joint, Lobsta Bakes.  I would have liked to try the clam chowder but for a very small bowl it was a  whopping $3.50.   I don’t know…..I thought that was pretty high for a fish fry add on.

So for me, the big turn off to this one was the price.  The fish was good and I should add,it was a large piece of fish.  But 2 slices of Kroger white bread and no cheese??   Not for $6.00

Next week we visit St.Cecilia in Oakley.


2 thoughts on “Cincinnati Fish Fry Tour- Newtown Fire Department-Stop #2

  1. Rick

    So, what’s the address and the hours?

    • Wineymom

      Hi Rick! To be honest, I’m not sure of their hours. This is a post from last lenten season- 2016. Are you in the Cincy area?

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