Cincinnati Fish Fry Tour- St. Gertrude

fish2     So our first stop on this year’s fish fry tour was to St. Gertrude in Maderia.  I was a little confused pulling up to this one because we got there around 6:30 and it was not crowded.  Not even a little bit.  Plenty of parking…… lines.
Again the price was $8.00, I believe and like I said, that’s the norm.

The folks here were friendly.  We got our food very quickly.
The seating was awful.  It’s a very small cafeteria and we did find ourselves sitting with strangers as there was not an empty table in the place.  And this is mainly because they have a school here for I THINK, Friars that live on site.  And that was mainly the guests we saw at this fish fry.

This week it was just myself and my mom, enjoying a girls night out.  We both ordered the fish sandwich, fries and mac n’ cheese.
Uhhhh………the fish?   Me thinks not.   One would like to think the Catholic churches have perfected the fish fry but this felt more like a soggy frozen patty to us.  Edible but I wouldn’t say enjoyable.
The mac n’ cheese, on the other hand, was outstanding!   They really nailed that.

This fry also included a drink and a dessert.   The dessert selection was small but very good.
I don’t think this is a fish fry I will insist on coming back to year after year.

So the parking was good, no lines and great mac n’ cheese.
But it’s a FISH fry……
Come back and read about our next stop at the Newtown fire department fish fry!



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