Cincinnati Fish Fry Tour- St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

fish1 Cincinnati has a large Catholic population and I’m part of that group.   With the Catholic faith comes the Lent season and with Lent………..comes fish frys!
As for our family, we usually hit up the closest neighborhood fish fry once or twice during Lent.  Why that particular one?  Well, It’s close.  The price is good.  The food is good.   What else do you need?
But this year I decided to take us on a fish fry tour.  Try something a little different.  After each Friday stop on our tour, I’ll let ya know our thoughts.   Have a favorite fish fry in the Cincinnati area?  Let us know!

Looking for local fish frys?   this time of year they are every where.  Most tv and radio stations have a list on their websites that you can reference.


So let’s start with our old faithful……..St. Elizabeth Ann Seton on Buckwheat Rd in Milford.  This is the closest fish fry for us so there’s a huge plus.
I find most fish frys in this area run around the same cost- right about $8 bucks.
So besides being close, a huge plus about this particular fish fry is that you get a lot of food.   And while some fish frys don’t include everything in one price, for about $8.00 at Seton, you get your meal with sides, a salad, dessert and unlimited drinks.   Can’t beat it.
Besides getting a lot of food, you get a lot of good food.  The fish is excellent, same with the shrimp.

So what are the down sides to this location?   Well because it’s so good, it’s sooooo crowded.   From the time it opens till the time it closes the traffic is steady.  At times there is a very long line.  So if you’re in a hurry or lines drive you crazy, I suggest being there waiting for them to open the doors.  Even then there will be a couple or two in front of you.
Parking- small tight lot.


This fish fry gets this Catholic girl’s thumbs up!!

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