Aged Cheddar Horseradish Kettle Cooked Chips- Product Review

chips  Purchased these Deep River brand cheddar horseradish kettle chips at Jungle Jims. They were .99 cents for a 2 ounce bag.  Decent to normal cost.

I bought them because my new obsession is Spicy Mary’s cheddar bacon horseradish dip.  I wanted to compare.  My first thoughts were that they would be so much better not in the kettle chip form but more as a regular way chip.  Some how the crunchy kettle part took something away from it.
Later in the evening I picked up the bag to finish them off and the second taste around, I liked them.  Not sure if it was because they grew on me or it was due to the fact that I’d been drinking.   All junk food tastes better when you’ve been drinking.

According to the chip bag they are:
Gluten Free
Made in 100% Sunflower oil
No Preservatives
Cholesterol Free
No Trans fat

Not sure how important that is to you if your killin’ a bag of cheddar horseradish chips.

Would I buy them again?  hmmm, yea probably. If I was there and saw them, sure.  Would I seek them out because I have to have them?  Prolly not.


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