Fun box- For teenage girls

pink-birthday-present-clip-art-wuepckfalEvery Christmas my mom gave me a gift that I always looked forward to.  It was a box, I guess about the size of a shoe box or a little larger……..some where around there; filled with all kinds of small, fun things that I loved.  Some practical items, some surprises.  It’s a tradition that I now like to do with my kids.

I hope you find the next several blogs  helpful!  I’ll give you ideas on filling those surprise boxes with lots of small, fun items!   I’ll break my blogs into age appropriate items for everyone on your gift giving list.  If you have ideas to share- please do!

Keep in mind, you’re going to fill this box with lots of small items.  Check out deals!  The Dollar Tree is a great place to start!

This “fun box” idea is for teen girls.  I should say for younger teen girls……..12-15 years old.


  • A favorite candy  candy
  • Nail polish
  • A pair of funky socks
  • Scotch tape- I feel like daughter is always using all the Scotch tape in the house
  • Make up    Fun items like eye liners, etc
  • Acne/face washes-  my daughter LOVES face washes; she is obsessed with her skin- this is a great item to add!
  • puzzle books
  • hair ties
  • head bands
  • colored pencils/markers
  • office supplies- pens, pencils, stapler, staples, sharpeners, notebooks, etc
  • Funky duct tape- yes, you can find this at the Dollar Tree    duct tape
  • Ear buds
  • glitter/craft items
  • Eos eos
  • Gift card with just enough on it to buy a large scoop of a favorite ice cream or Hawaiian Ice
  • Gift card for $10 to some where local like McDonalds, etc.  let her go with a buddy and treat!
  • cheap sunglasses
  • Small pic frames- girls love pics of their friends and fam
  • Body Spray
  • Yummy smelling soaps
  • Pretty razors and great smelling shave creams
  • hand sanitizers- my obession
  • Shower poof with shower gel
  • Nail polish remover
  • Sharpies


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