Letters from Candy- Book Review

letters from CandyWow.  How much did I hate this book?  Let me count the ways…….

  1. A HORROR story??   Are you kidding me???  Not even close.  No where near graphic enough
  2. So poorly thought out.  Thank God it was a short story and only stole 45 minutes of my life.
  3. So unrealistic in so many ways……….what teenage girl uses phrases like “I sell my ass” and then comes up with words in letters that even I had to look up and sound out?  Give me a break!
  4. I feel like the author took a one night course at a local community center taught by a second time author and took the “be descriptive as possible” bullet point to an egotistical level.
  5. Someone must have given this author a thesaurus for Christmas and he took to it like a back hills snake handling, speaking in tongues, religious fanatic in the way he took every word to heart…..WOW!
  6. And let me ask…….for a 15 year old girl that gets high, stays out till midnight on school nights and “sells her ass”  but has a vocabulary that would make a Mensa member look like a drooling moron; why didn’t she address the letters to the “local police department?”   write “911”     “please send help, I’m kidnapped” on the front of the envelope??


nothing about this book screams anything besides new author, ego and just stop!

I can’t even conclude with my traditional “cheers!”


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