Potato chips!

So our first debate starts with a Cincinnati classic.   Two potato chip companies born and raised and still Cincinnati based.

chips1Husmans chips- started in 1919.  Still produced in Cincinnati although now corporate owned.

Vs. Grippos     also founded in 1919 and still being manufactured in Cincinnati.   chips2


These two companies, while founded in the same year, in the same city, are VERY different.    I have to say, we are a family divided- I did NOT expect that-
My husband and I purchased both bags at the store and both of us know what chip we prefer.

So based on price-

Grippo offers 2 twin bags total 8 oz for about $2.79
Husmanns were $3.49 for 9.5 ounces
Seems comparable.


Both my mom and my daughter could tell from looking at the two different chips which chips were the Husman’s.  They really had nothing more to say than this chip was their favorite.


When it came time for hubby and I to test-

We also could tell right away which chip was Grippo and which was Husman’s.  They have a very different look in color/seasoning.    Now if I saw a Husman chip next to another brand would I know the difference? no.

My husbands says about Grippo:  “They have a nice dark color and great BBQ flavor.   Lots of spice and not sweet.   A good amount of salt. ”

My thoughts- when I open a bag of Grippo  BBQ chips- that color is almost intimidating.  No, it’s not a bright red, made up heat color that is supposed to represent heat.  It’s dark, almost brown hue   makes you curious.  When you bite into Grippo chips, you get it.  You get the flavor.  You get the color.  You get the home town feel.
I dare say say this is the ONLY BBQ chip that I have ever tasted that I would never dip in a chip dip for fear of ruining the chip.

When it comes to a bbq chip, it’s hard to find a nice, spicy chip. Most, expecially the cheaper chips are a sweet flavor- hate it.  Just to give  you an idea of my taste buds- I feel like the cheaper the store, the cheaper the brand, the worse the BBQ chip.  Walmart BBQ chips suck.   So there.

So I invite you to invest in a comparision between Husman BBQ and Grippo.
Like most Cincinnati “things.”   this will remain a debate.







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