Couponing! Kroger card 101

krogerAs I mentioned in my last post, I’m going to expand my freebie posts to couponing as well.   Freebies are great (and not hard to find) but there are really great deals that are ‘almost’ free and that’s cool too.

First let’s talk about Kroger- I know I don’t have to explain the Kroger card to you.  You understand using it and that it basically works like a coupon.  By taking advantage of the weekly deals Kroger offers and then handing over your Kroger card during check out, your total goes down quickly.

  1. Do you load digital coupons to your Kroger card?   All you have to do is go to and register your Kroger card.   Then log in to your Kroger account often and go to digital coupons.  Click on the items you’ll use and they automatically load right to your Kroger card.   They’ll automatically come off at check out.
  2. How do you know if the digital coupon actually came off at check out?  You’ll see an E next to the discount.  E for electronic
  3. Keep in mind you can NOT use a paper coupon and a digital coupon on the same item! If your paper coupon has a higher value than the digital coupon, do NOT load the digital coupon to your card.  Why?  Because it’s Kroger’s policy to always scan your Kroger card before taking your paper coupons.  And if that lesser value digital coupon is loaded, you will not be able to use your higher value paper coupon.
  4. If you only visit Kroger’s website once a week, make sure it’s on Friday.  Every Friday Kroger offers a free item that you can load to your card!  Great perk!
  5. Occasionally Kroger offer 4x the fuel points on gift cards.  Take advantage! And don’t just take advantage at Christmas time!   My in-laws have this down to a pat.  Whenever they are planning to go out to dinner, they stop off at Kroger and buy a gift card for the restaraunt they will be eating at.   Yes, they’re still footing the bill but they’re earning fuel points to boot.  If you’re going to eat out, you might as well get a discount on gas.
  6. Speaking of fuel points, your fuel point discount is good on 35 gallons at a time.   Both myself and my husband drive large vehicles.   Did you know you can use those points putting gas into two cars in one trip?  Pull up on the other side of the pump and take turns:)
  7. Use your Kroger card EVERY time you shop at Kroger.  You will receive coupons, including free items, mailed to your home, for the items you frequently purchase.  Another great perk!  If I’m buying it anyway, I’d love to get a discount on it!
  8. Forget to take your Kroger card with you on your shopping trip?  All you have to do is punch in your phone number!
  9. Make sure to hand over your Kroger card when picking up your prescriptions.  You get 50 fuel points for each prescription.

Well there’s my tutorial on the Kroger card.  Know any more tricks that I don’t know?  I’d love to hear them!


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