Let’s Go Couponing!!!

krogerSo  I’m going to start expanding the ‘FREEBIES’ posts to “really great deals”.   Well duh, we all want it free but let’s face it, we’re all living in the same America.   So if it costs $1.00 and I can get it free,  YEP!  But if it costs $1.00 and I can get it for .50…..yep.
I can’t stand the posts where they get sweaty over .25 cents off a $1.50 item.   Yea, I get it.   Anything is better than nothing .  But I’m talking about the bigger deals.   I’m talking about free or dang near close to it!
I’m diggin’  on the Kroger card and digital coups.  Yea, we all have a Kroger card but are you taking full advantage??  Work that thang, girl!
Please continue to follow my FREEBIES posts……..
I’m going to suggest apps……I’ve recently become obsessed with a few apps recommended to me
Yes, most of you know……gone are the days of double coupons…….I can’t bring those days back but let me guide you to the next best thing.
Follow along!

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