Explain it to me!

stop-sign-clipart-z7TaM5XiAI know people that actually brag about being aggressive drivers.  So I guess I have to ask……..why??   Explain to me the point.   Is is REALLY that bad if a fellow driver needs over in the right lane and you have the oppurtunity to help em’ out?? The fellow driver is following all the rules..slowing down….asking nicely with a turn signal to get over in to your lane.  Why is that offensive to you, aggressive driver?   Are you so angry that you can’t stand when someone beats you to a red light?  A red light that you too, are sitting through?
What I really don’t understand is that there is a 99.99% chance you don’t even know the other driver.  So what are the chances that the other driver is going the same place you are?  What do you think they’re going to beat you at?    Am I even on the right track here?
Let me take this a step further…….   Aggressive Drivers……..be honest here.  You don’t have to answer out loud but be honest with yourself.
1. Have you ever held a door open for someone else?
2. Have you ever given someone a ride?
3.  Have you ever spontaneously paid for someone’s order in line behind you?
4. How many times, in one week, are you angry at your partner?
5.  How many times, do you start a sentence with a phrase like, “in my defense?”

My point is…..I’m willing to go out on a limb and say that aggressive drivers have closet anger issues.
Don’t fret! There IS a cure!!!
It can be a long process and there will be set backs but you can do this.
Take a deep breath……smile……..and wave the driver over in front of you:)


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