More freebies!!

images You just can’t beat FREE!
So before I start passing out the freebies, let’s go back over a few things to consider-

  • Even if it’s not something you’ll use, send for it anyway.  Someone can use it.  Don’t have a cat?  Send for the free cat food. You do know someone that has a cat.
  • Some items you’ll receive and some will never make it to your door.  Some you’ll totally forget about until they show up in your mailbox.
  • Consider creating an email address that you use just for your freebie requests.  If not, your mail box will fill up quickly and often!
  • Remember, companies seem to offer free samples in cycles.  It’s feast or famine with the samples so act fast.

Here we go:


  1.  Free shampoo sample:
  2. Free Adkins bar:
  3. Free femine products:
  4. Free Breath Right strips:
  5. Free Emergen-C
  6. Free freezer labels:
  7. Free Sweetner:


This is all I have for now; check back often-


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