Franzia- Crisp White; Wine Review

wine1Him– I get aromas of pear and apple.  Off dry.  The acidity is a little less than I would consider crisp; but not flabby.  Has a medium finish with decent fruit and fair balance.  Over all a decent wine when chilled and for an everyday drinker.


Her: Is he kidding us???  That review??  It’s a BOXED WINE…..From Kroger, no less.  Flabby??  What the hell???  Cough cough……but in his defense……..pears and apples…maybe. If I close my eyes, turn my head to the right and wish real hard.
Off dry?  Fo sho…….maybe even a tiny itty bit sweet.
Every day drinker? You bet.
But on the real tip; this IS a white wine drinkers wine.   I am a white wine drinker and as most REAL wine drinkers know and study; boxed wines are in and the thang.
This is definetely a great one.


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